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Elkmont is proud to partner with the best tour guides in the area to take you where the magic happens. Brewery tours are provided by Knox Brew Tours.

We have a special tour day coming up on April 27. No reservations needed for tours at 12p, 1:15p and 2:30p. Tours are $12 each and includes the tour, a pint glass and three, 1/ 2 pours throughout the tour. 

Get to know the unique story of Elkmont as you tour the restaurant and the brewery. You’ll learn all about the experts in the kitchen and see the innovative technologies that allow our crafty Hoperations team to think big and deliver bigger and better beer.

This tour is for architects, food snobs and beer nerds alike!

To schedule another tour, email or call 865-951-6883.

The details in a cool video:

Hopping on a Knoxville Brew Tour


Cancellation Policy:

  • All tours canceled within 72 hours of tour start time will only be fully refunded if we are able to re-sell those spots. We understand that things can happen beyond your control and we will do our best to work with you. Tours canceled due to inclement weather will be fully refunded.

Anti-harrasment Policy:

  • Knox Brew Tours has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to sexual or any other forms of harassment by a tour participant towards our employees, brewery staff members, other brewery guests or fellow tour participants.  If a Knox Brew Tours’ employee observes a tour participant engaging in any form of harassment toward an employee of Knox Brew Tours, a brewery staff member, a brewery guest or another tour participant, or if a credible act of harassment is reported to Knox Brew Tours while on the tour, the offending tour participant will be asked to leave the tour immediately at his/her own expense and without refund.  Please visit the FAQs page on their website for a complete version of our zero tolerance harassment policy.