Blog / Jon Newman

Jon Newman graduated with an Applied Arts and Food Science degree from Grand Rapids Culinary College in Michigan. His passion for working in the kitchen started at a very young age when he began working for a local pizza shop in his hometown of Jenison. He quickly adapted to the fast paced environment and controlled chaos of the industry. The skills that Jon acquired in the kitchen fueled his motivation to explore a career in Food Service.

After graduation, Jon started working at Cypress in Charleston, South Carolina; where he met Craig Deihl, a fourth-generation butcher. In this position, Jon was exposed to the world of charcuterie and decided to focus his passion for cooking into the craft of butchery and aging meats.

From Cypress, Jon was given the opportunity to work with The Neighborhood Dining Group in Charleston at McCrady’s, where he advanced to Sous Chef, and eventually became part of the opening team for Husk. It was here that Jon began to understand the importance of developing a relationship with local farmers.

Jon relocated to Nashville in 2012 and has spent his time working with Flyte, Husk, and The Southern with a strict focus on butchery and charcuterie.

In his spare time, Jon enjoys riding his Harley Davidson, cooking for his wife, and hanging out with his dogs.