Blog / Jon Newman

As leader of the Elkmont cured meats program, Jon Newman, is best in class. The program is one of THREE in the state of Tennessee and every charcuterie board carries flavors guests can’t find anywhere else.

Jon graduated with an Applied Arts and Food Science degree from Grand Rapids Culinary College and shortly after relocated to work at Cypress in Charleston. While there he met Craig Deihl, a fourth-generation butcher. Jon was exposed to the world of charcuterie and has since dedicated his work life to honing his butchery skills and perfecting his expertise in flavor and aging meats.

Jon relocated to Nashville in 2012 and has spent his time working with Flyte, Husk, and The Southern with a strict focus on butchery and charcuterie.

Jon has been with Elkmont Exchange from the beginning and his creations never cease to amaze. Be sure to stop by the charcuterie window to see what is on deck. You can also pick up charcuterie to-go!

You know Jon is in the house when his Harley is parked by the back door. When it’s gone, he’s probably out for a ride contemplating his next recipe.