Elkmont Exchange was built as an approachable, family-friendly space to provide the best experience for hungry friends in Knoxville’s Old North and 4th and Gill neighborhoods.

Immediately upon entry, you’re greeted by the charcuterie curing room. It’s managed by Sous Chef, Jon Newman, who boasts the best charcuterie program in Knoxville. Sourcing pigs from Bear Creek Farms in Nashville, only the very best and carefully crafted ingredients go into the curing room, and the result is a charcuterie board that is so delightful, we’re even sourcing this best-seller to other restaurants. This menu always rotates and never disappoints.

The main menu is inspired by the enjoyment of a simple culinary experience, offering sandwiches featuring carefully crafted smoked meats from our charcuterie station, an array of fresh, seasonal salads, and delicious, southern-inspired entrees designed to leave every guest satisfied. 

To decide your next course, visit our menu.