Elkmont’s brewmaster and Hoperations team takes craft beer creativity to the next level. Utilizing local finds including butternut squash, maple syrup, smoked grits, hemp, beets, jalapeños, thyme, citrus peels and chamomile, our team continuously brings out the best flavors possible in every single brew.

It’s all created in a state-of-the-art, custom brewing system that incorporates all of the amenities of a large-scale brew house in a small-scale package to allow for wide variety of amazing beers to be brewed, cellared, and soured, right on site.

Elkmont Exchange’s innovative brew house introduced a mash filter and two foeders to Knoxville. The mash filters increase brew house efficiency and provide the greatest amount creative freedom to the brewing team. Because the team values sustainability and recognizes water is an important resource, these filters are an important feature. Brewing beer typically requires a huge amount of water, but at Elkmont, we see little water waste and maximum flavor thanks to the help of the mash filters. If you really want to geek out on these, this link provides a great explanation: Brewing Industry Guide.

The foeders were the start to Knoxville’s first sour beer program and you can check them out for yourself in the Barrel Room! Sour beers will always be on tap at Elkmont Exchange. They’re produced in small batches, so be sure to check back regularly for new brews.

Here’s your list for some pre-planning!

We distribute our favorite beers throughout Tennessee, with the help of our friends at Lipman Brothers! We are always looking to get ah-mazing beers into the hands of equally ah-mazing people. If you see an open tap, let us know!  Contact Johnny Miller at johnny@elkmontexchange.com and we’ll send it to your favorite establishment!