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Marco's Finest is on tap!

People are everything. 

And that’s why we are so excited to introduce the first beer in our “Finest” series — a series featuring a long-time employee, inspired by their favorite beer.

Marco is our first honoree and has been a member of our kitchen team since we first opened. You’ve probably seen him carrying trays of meat back and forth from the kitchen to the smoker and if you’ve tried the salmon dip, BBQ, Cuban, wings, or even the black-eyed peas, you know all about his expertise as our house smoker.

Turns out he’s pretty great with beer, too!

First things first, we chatted with Marco about his favorite styles of beer. Then, we sampled a lot of different kinds and discussed the history and origin of some of his favorite lagers. Finally, we nailed down a recipe.

Marco’s Finest is a new lager recipe, loosely based on a classic American malt liquor recipe. The technical definition of a malt liquor is any fermented beverage over 5% made from a malted source. Unlike many malt liquors, there is no high fructose corn syrup in this beer, only the finest ingredients!!!  Our recipe features regionally grown barley malt and a significant portion of unmalted barley, sourced by Riverbend Malt House out of Asheville, NC.

Marco, a lifelong learner shared his thoughts on the process —

“I like a challenge. Learn something and get your hands dirty in something new. Keeps you young.” 

We couldn’t agree more.

We are excited to bring you this limited edition brew, inspired by and created with the help of one of our amazing employees. So, come in and grab a French Dip and don’t forget a pint of Marco’s Finest!