Cured Meats and the Elkmont Exchange Charcuterie Program

By The Elkmont Team
It’s the elephant -or pig- in the room. Actually it's the room itself. When walking through the main entrance of our space at 745 North Broadway, just past the host stand, there it is. A room full of hanging meat on display. It has been... Read more

The Importance of Quality Control

By The Elkmont Team
The craft brewing industry is often seen as a casual and creative environment with a wide variety of styles, ingredients, and techniques. While this is true for many breweries, most beer drinkers are not usually aware of the complexity of a beer’s make up and... Read more
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Born in the Smokies

Element’s Founders were grew up in Knoxville before setting out into the world to hone their craft. Now they have returned to the home they love.

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